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Surgery Workflow

Perminova tracks procedures and data in real time, resulting in increased charge-capture and revenue recognition, less physician time writing reports, better patient safety, and tools to perform outcomes research.

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Our Team is always working on new and innovative automation and data management solutions for the healthcare industry. Contact us to discuss our innovations.

Healthcare Data Management

We provide solutions to healthcare markets such as HL7 data transportation, device integration, ICD9/10 crosswalk, mobile access, DICOM image management and more.


An independent audit showed that Perminova EP substantially increased charge capture.

Lisa Murphy, Associate Administrator

UC San Diego Helath Systems

Perminova EP has streamlined the amount of paperwork I have to do. At the end of a case...everything is finished quickly and then signed with an electronic signature.

Nicholas T. Skipitaris, MD, Cardiac Electrophysiologist

Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York


Healthcare Data Management

At Perminova we develop web-based applications specially designed to cater to the diverse needs of the heath care industry. The technology designed and developed by the creative team of Perminova enables the health care industry to perform surgeries with the latest surgical information systems. The web based softwares designed by the Perminova team have easy accessibility and can be accessed from anywhere including the mobile devices.

The two names that Perminova is synonymous with are the Healthcare Workflow and the Surgery Data Management.


Healthcare or Surgery Workflow

With this we at Perminova enable easy tracking of the various procedures within the healthcare facilities. With the help of this software Data in real time with an increased and boosted level of charge capture and revenue recognition, less time consuming report writing procedures and with better patient safety measures is an easy job. The outcome of this software is better productivity for the healthcare facilities.


Surgery or HealthCare Data Management

Under this we at Perminova offer solutions such as the HL7 data transportation, device integration, device accessibility, ICD9/10 crosswalk and DICOM image management solutions.

With softwares like these at Perminova we believe in improvising the information systems at the healthcare facilities. Services and softwares are not just advantageous for the healthcare industry but also for the patients. The browser based softwares designed and developed by us further makes it easier for the healthcare industries to access the information or the data from any device that they would prefer. This is also convenient for the patients to access updated information about their health from anywhere possible. They can also get in touch with the medical team for an immediate response.

The primary goal at Perminova is all about making life and health easier for people across the globe.

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