Performing Ablation Procedures? Perminova EP Software Can Make a Massive Difference

Perminova EP software is a revolution in the field of medical care. Professor of medicine at UC San Diego and Director at the UCSD Medical Center, Dr Gregory Feld has pioneered Perminova EP software which was developed in his lab, with a team of dedicated and competent medical and technical professionals monitoring the software’s progress and advancement. The Perminova Cardio , a cardiovascular EP software is a web based, cardiac information system pioneering the move of medical technology from outdated client server systems to Software-as-a-Service cloud computing. Performing up to 8 ablation procedures across a single week, Dr. Feld is a top South Californian doctor who has performed the largest number of atrial fibrillation ablation. He has an intuitive understanding of what makes heart health and medical care easier. His scientific and utilitarian approach has translated into efficient and cost effective software.

Perminova Cardio is a platform that integrates across a suite of products comprising web based patient information system that provides solutions to healthcare markets. This includes:

  • HL7 Data Transportation
  • Device Integration
  • ICD9/10 crosswalk
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • DICOM Image management
  • Much more

Pioneering research in the field of catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation, optimizing techniques and developing new energy sources, Dr. Feld is an equally well known pioneer of EP software. Cardiovascular patient information systems have existed before. What makes Perminova Cardio unique? This is the first cardiovascular information system using cloud computing. This is what makes medical care easy, cost effective and advanced.

For administrative work as well as billing, researching and reporting, Perminova EP software is simply the best. Technology enterprises and initiatives may abound, but Perminova EP software is unique because it is a browser based technology web app, which can be used across different platforms and devices from the mobile to the laptop or desktop. Hosting this software, customizing it and configuring it is so simple. This software solution is a systematic means of generating reports and analysis on the go.

So, patient records can be accessed anywhere, anytime. This advanced technology is secure and reliable so patient data is protected across the system. Now, rather than browsing through multiple systems to get a single piece of information, multiple patients can be accessed through a single screen. Opt for Perminova EP software and you can perform medical procedures such as ablation for atrial fibrillation secure in the knowledge that your systems are built by specialists with a skill in performing cardiovascular operations and procedures with ease.