Feb 14, 2017 15:00

New 3.2.15 Release – Feb 14th 2017

Medical information Technology

New 3.2.15 Release – Feb 14th 2017 Perminova has released version 3.2.15 to production which includes the following enhancements and fixes: Added a column to store billing supply charge bar code. Added a supply charge bar code column to add, edit and use in searches. Altered heart rate interval validation to allow from -100 to 2000. Added left/right heart cath subprocedure to ‘other’ procedure.

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Apr 01, 2015 15:00

New 3.2.4 Release – Dec 4th 2015


Today we released the version 3.2.4 update to the production version of Perminova. You now have the ability to set up all Physician Orders within the system. RNs will notice little difference other than an icon that appears in the RN Notes page that designates the note they are selecting as a Physician Order. You can also tag notes that should be considered Physician Orders. When working in the Physician Operative Notes section you will see a new segment in the window to the right titled “Physician Orders.

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