Perminova Cardiovascular EP Software: By Doctors Who Understand Your World

Perminova is known for robust, scalable and cost effective web pased applications for use in cardiovascular surgery. This pioneers the shift towards a SaaS or Software-as-a-Service approach rather than outdated client-server technology that involves sifting through multiple systems for a single piece of information. Now, in a heartbeat, clinicians can:

  • Save valuable time
  • Cut down on labour
  • Be cost effective
  • Use less effort
  • Enhance accuracy and precision
  • Improve reporting
  • Analyze patient needs

Cardiovascular systems that work using cloud computing are a speciality at Perminova. Founder Dr. Gregory Feld is a top cardiac electrophysiologist who has pioneered this comprehensive, flexible EP software system for cardiovascular surgery that has changed the way the medical professional works. Cardiovascular clinical research database that laid the foundation of Perminova EP software was the brainchild of Dr. Feld.

Together, with his team of qualified medical and technical professionals, Dr. Feld and Perminova EP  have birthed a technology that saves valuable time, cost and effort when it comes to:

  • Billing
  • Researching
  • Generating Records
  • Systematizing patient information
  • Recovering patient data efficiently

Take the full benefits of these surgical information systems that offer technical precision and intuitive functionality to meet the clinician’s need for accurate reporting, diagnosis and treatment. This is the first cardiovascular patient data system that is entirely based in cloud.

What makes Perminova EP software a cut above the rest. Well, the software can easily be customized. Moreover, billing, researching and reporting is easy because the system can easily be configured to work with existing systems and yield a positive result for the hardworking and conscientious clinician and his/her medical team. Now, with Perminova EP software, systems can be easily deployed for medical facility, optimizing the workflow. Now, everything from scheduling a patient visit to arranging for client report generation is simple as can be. Whether you need information before, during or after the cardiac treatment, data is permanently stored in cardiac information systems.

Another advantage of this cardiovascular EP software system is that it is browser based. What is the advantage of this? A browser based system means this software can not only be hosted, but also accessed from anywhere, at anytime or place. Now clinicians can access patient data and generate reports on the go. Perminova EP software can be accessed on web enabled, PC or mobile devices. This cross device, multiple platform functionality makes this cardiovascular electrophysiology software the top choice for clients worldwide.