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Web-Based Solutions for Healthcare

Perminova is a pioneer in developing web-based application software for use in surgeries and in clinical settings throughout the healthcare industry. Our innovative solutions advance healthcare systems from the outdated client-server model to the modern cloud-based computing model.


Our web-based clinical software is a completely customizable software platform for building systems according to the specifications of each cardiovascular speciality. This medical cloud solution enables doctors, nurses and health administrators to realize enhanced charge capture, efficiency and patient safety. Our clinical software helps ensure that charges are never lost and critical patient data is instantly available. The self-documenting and high accuracy data capture and reporting ensure patient insurance claims are rarely rejected.


The Problem & Solution

Perminova EP addresses an array of problems within the healthcare market. Foremost is the day-to-day problem facing Cardiac Electrophysiologists that over 90% of these highly trained surgeons have no access to workflow software that can make their procedures more efficient, profitable and safe. Currently, many doctors and administrators in this specialty resort to using either paper systems or Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word to schedule, track and chart their procedures and outcomes.


Such methods are frustrating, time consuming and inefficient. Charges are lost, critical patient data may not be captured, and insurance claims are frequently rejected. Physicians are also burdened by time-consuming and error-prone dictation and report-writing systems following each day’s procedures.

Perminova EP, on the other hand, was designed by cardiologists for use by cardiologists. It tracks procedures and data in real time as patients, nurses and doctors move through scheduling, charting and billing. The web-based software is affordable and cost-efficient. It can precisely track and bill for each drug and supply used during each procedure. It can gather important medical data on each patient throughout each procedure. And it can ensure that each case is accurately reported, with descriptions and charges that integrate with billing systems.


This results in a dramatic boost in charge-capture and revenue recognition for hospital administrators, reduced time spent by doctors on reports, improved patient safety, and the ability to conduct meaningful research on outcomes.


Perminova’s web-based data structure is ideal for capturing and organizing procedure data. Because this data is aggregated in the cloud, it isn’t imprisoned in silos on multi-vendor devices, software and hardware. Instead it is centrally aggregated and universally available. This rich, powerful procedure information can then be queried by medical researchers, hospital administrators, and doctors. This redacted data, of course, follows the strictest HIPAA guidelines and healthcare industry privacy standards.


Ultimately, Perminova EP provides healthcare customers with a host of solutions, ranging from the management of day-to-day procedures, the transition away from costly client-server technology and the robust aggregation of meaningful medical data.


Products & Services

Perminova EP is dedicated to delivering to its healthcare customers a suite of web-based products and services that enhance productivity, lower costs and boost revenues. The company’s platform is the newly released Perminova EP Version 3.0. This module manages the scheduling, workflow, procedure data and billing that occur during cardiac electrophysiological procedures.


Perminova EP 3.0 provides clinicians and staff with the following capabilities:

  • Implanted Device Programmer Upload **NEW**
  • View all outstanding and pending doctor reports
  • Electronically process all billing, and stream invoices into the professional billing work queue
  • Forward completed copy of doctor notes to referring doctor at end of case
  • Track and manage patients across scheduling process through insurance authorization
  • Track and manage changes to dates and doctors that would trigger a re-work in the process
  • Proactively manage workday by identifying and resolving bottlenecks before they occur
  • ICD9/10 crosswalk
  • Preference cards for both procedure charges and diagnosis