Electrocardiogram ECG Treatment Now Easy With Perminova EP Software

Electrocardiogram or ECG is a handy tool for cardiac surgeons. So is the Perminova EP software. Developed by Southern California's leading cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Gregory Feld, this patient information system has pioneered a SaaS approach based on cloud computing. What makes a Software-as-a-Service approach a revolution in the field of medical technology? Well, it beats outdated server systems where multiple systems had to be accessed for single patient records. Outdated client server technology is not the way to efficiency and who would know better than a clinician who has been trained in the field and skilled in his profession?

Dr. Feld has pioneered Perminova EP software with his team of skilled technical and medical professionals who have the advantage of knowing what cardiologists need, apart from advanced equipment like an electrocardiogram. They need software which:

  • Saves time
  • Lowers cost
  • Prevents effort
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Fosters precision

With this unique system that can be easily configiured to ensure inventory management integration and quick billing services, the Perminova EP software has advantages that few other web applications can replicate. The best part about this software is that you can access advanced technology at a very affordable rate and further lower costs. How does that work out? Well, you need to use Perminova EP software and the advantages are there before you right away. As the entire process of billing, reporting and researching is automated, workflow improves and clinician's time and efforts are optimized. This also ensures that more work is completed faster with fewer workforces and at a more reasonable cost.

Given that healthcare and the medical industry is all about using advanced technologies, why should your hospital/clinic/lab be left behind? Choose Perminova EP software that can easily be integrated with existing systems and current software easily. What are some of the other benefits of this unique software?

Another advantage is the multiple uses it can be put to such as generating patient data, report and analysis at a moment's notice, accuracy and precision in billing and reporting as well as researching capabilities that are advanced and accurate. Dr. Feld's team of competent professionals has developed a system that can be used across devices because it is a browser based technology which can be used across multiple devices. So, clinicians can access electrocardiogram results or other such medical data within seconds while on the move. Making medical care easier and heart healthcare revolutionary, Perminova EP software redefines medical technology.