Electrophysiology Software By Cardiologists

Designed by doctors, Perminova offers electrophysiology or EP software that is exceptional in every sense of the word. Unique, systematic and efficient, Perminova EP software brings out the best in doctors. What are the benefits of this advanced electrophysiology software?

  • Permits clinic staff to streamline and arrange incoming referrals and scheduling effectively.
  • Generates reports automatically enabling communication with the referring physician at the same time as the patient visits take place.
  • Dashboard feature places relevant information for every patient visit in a distinct and clear manner.
  • Saves time otherwise spent going through paper charts or logging into multiple systems or machines.
  • Maintain current medication records and modifications to medication, if any.

Now clinicians can track device advisory information and locate the patients who are in need of critical care and immediate attention. Querying the patient data base is easy thanks to Perminova EP software and it identifies patients who can qualify for clinical research studies and investigatory routines. Synchronize the flow of patients and staff members through multiple examinations and across different medical procedures with Perminova electrophysiology software.

With this revolutionary software, doctors and clinicians can save time and money it takes to perform key administrative tasks. Automation also ensures less requirement of full time employees.

Client information is placed carefully in a single place and can be viewed on a single screen. No more navigation through multiple and disparate systems to find critical information, because of the advantages offered by Perminova electrophysiology software.

Automate tedious and long duration admin tasks. Make reports and consultation documents easy using Perminova EP software. Clinicians can now collate disparate EP data sources into a single, unitary system. This also faciliates collaboration among medical staff at the critical point of different procedures. Increase efficiency and lower report turnaround time using this advanced and hi-tech software. Clinical data can also be collected alongside research and registry data.

This comprehensive and affordable system offers good returns on investment and eliminates the cost, time and effort involved in dictation. Integrated inventory management that tracks items and processes from the storeroom to the operating theater or clinician’s treatment room is now available, because this EP software makes information available at the speed of light. Minimize losses from outdated stock and enhance billing compliance using management reports generated quickly. Data mining capabilities also develop, if this EP software is used.

Perminova electrophysiology software is scalable, robust and secure, with workflow, user interface, report output, data rules that can be easily configured. This EP software interfaces with existing and current systems and is available at affordable rates, offering an elegant solution for billing, reporting or research, with report creation and inventory management capabilities.