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Perminova EP Electrophysiology Workflow

Designed by Cardiologists for Cardiologists

Perminova EP is a customized module of Perminova Cardio for Electrophysiology (EP) labs that’s designed by cardiologists for cardiologists. Perminova EP can be designed to meet your specific requirements for documenting each EP procedure. Whether an EPS/ablation, implanted device, cardioversion or tilt table procedure, Perminova EP addresses your data collection, reporting and billing needs.

Perminova EP software can be used on almost any device with Internet access. Its web-based software logically moves through a series of screens matching each step of your clinical workflow.

For example:

  • Procedure screens allow collection of important diagnostic information throughout your case.
  • Implanted Device screens provide for recording of device and lead manufacturer, model, serial number, implant and explant dates and lead locations.
  • Diagnosis (Dx) screens allow recording of case specific pre- and post-diagnoses using standard ICD-9 codes.
  • Charges screens capture exact costs your facility incurs for medications and supplies. Embedded charge capture intelligence ensures agreement between operative procedures and billing reports.
  • Final Case Documentation screens pull information collected throughout the case, including attending staff, procedure data, diagnosis and more.
  • Operative Report screens integrate procedure, results and discharge notes from earlier screens.
  • Billing Report screens collate information on devices, procedures and other billable items.
  • Billing reports can be automatically sent to your medical records and billing systems.